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Outdoor Adventures

These mountains are wild country, and our programs strive to bring that adventure to you.



Set sail on our adventure pond!

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Guided Hikes

Want to learn about local wildlife, geography, and history? Let us show you around!

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Unguided Hikes

Take some time to explore the property and soak in the peaceful forest atmosphere. 

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We build the fire, you make the memories.


Survival Skills

Starting fires, finding shelter, getting home—we show you the skills you need to survive in the wild. 

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Water Wars (Facilitated Program)

When it gets hot, we know how to cool down. Have fun with a Water Balloon Fight, Canoe Maze Race, Canoe Tug-of-War, and much more.

And More of Our Facilitated Programs!

Introduction to Orienteering

You’re in the mountains now! Let’s learn how to navigate by map
and compass. 

Team Scavenger Hunt

Ready for a challenge? Perfect your outdoor adventure skills, then race with your team to complete the scavenger hunt first. 

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