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The Peaks is built for athletics, whether you’re shooting hoops, taking aim, or swimming laps, we’re here to help you run the race. 


Ping Pong/Table Tennis

Heart-pumping volleys and exciting competition combine in this rapid-fire game of skill.

Photo Aug 17, 6 32 55 AM.jpg


Take a lap (or several) in our pool to cool off on the hottest days.  



A classic!

Archery 01.jpg


Take aim, let your arrow fly, and strike the bullseye!


Sand Volleyball

Who says you have to be at the beach to play sand volleyball?

Disc Golf.jpeg

Disc Golf

Our custom Disc Golf course highlights the ridges and valleys that make The Peaks home. 


Bounce the ball and pass it around. Can you stay in the game? 

Olympic Relays
(Facilitated Program)

We combine different sports to create a custom rotation for your team to go for the gold. 

Quarterback Toss

Practice speed and accuracy on our football targets.

Giant Jenga

We took this famous tower-building game and made it huge! How tall can your tower grow? 

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